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OUR SERVICE: serves USA & North America. We believe in simplicity, clarity and transparency.


The laptop battery suppliers which we link to are usually established, reputable and hold domestic stock – normally ready for quick delivery.


We are not a retailer – we simply introduce you to some of the best replacement laptop battery options for your particular make and model of laptop.


We provide you with the direct links to suppliers, so that you can then make an informed choice on who to purchase from.


In reality, almost all replacement laptop batteries originate out of Chinese & South Asian factories. However, the quality, provenance and availability can vary greatly from one supplier to the next.


When selecting a laptop battery supplier, be cautious and selective. There are some very good laptop replacement battery suppliers. However, there are also many who initially appear to be fully based in this country, but who then end up posting your battery from overseas. This can often take anything from 1 to 6 weeks to arrive (as well as potential unexpected customs delays and import charges – not good if you need your laptop for working on the go).


Everybody loves the warm, fuzzy feeling of a bargain, but not if it’s caused by a faulty battery overheating inside your expensive laptop.

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We cover the running costs for our service and this website by receiving a small referral fee from some (not all) of the suppliers we link to, when you purchase a replacement laptop battery from them.


COOKIES: When you visit the 3rd party websites, we would be very grateful if you would accept any cookie requests. Allowing them to place a cookie (a small piece of computing code) onto your browser means that they can track when a purchase comes via our website. They then allocate the small referral fee to us.


It doesn’t cost you any extra – you still pay the same price either way for the laptop battery.


Wherever possible, for each make and model of laptop, we provide links to an original, genuine and approved manufacturer replacement. (Sometimes this is direct from the manufacturer, and in other cases it is from a manufacturer’s exclusive UK distributor).

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Many of our pages provide links to Duracell Batteries (yes, they supply laptop batteries too!), for those buyers who want to save some money, but who also feel more comfortable with the backing of a well-known and reputable brand and service.


We also regularly provide links to Amazon sellers, whose batteries are usually significantly cheaper, but generally completely fine to use as replacements. Wherever possible, we ‘vet’ the sellers, to ensure they are well established, have positive feedback and can provide quick delivery.


Despite our checks, it is ultimately up to you as the consumer to ensure that you are confident and comfortable with the service, quality and delivery options from any chosen supplier.


We hope you find our service useful, and we wish you and your laptop a long and happy life together!

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